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Gymnastic Classes for Children

Gymcarolina Gymnastics Classes

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Parent & Tots

Age: 1 to 3 years old (with parent), Length: 45 minutes

Our instructors use gymnastic equipment & music in teaching body awareness & gymnastics to your child while also teaching you, the parent, how to encourage your child’s exploration of new activities. Ideal for helping your toddler learn to socialize & increase their motor skills.

Preschool Classes

Age: 3 years old, Length: 50 minutes

Introduces your child to the sport of gymnastics and each apparatus. Designed to increase your child’s coordination, muscle development, and social skills.

Advanced Preschool Classes

Age: 4 years old, Length: 1 hour

Instructors use a variety of youth-sized equipment, gymnastics games, and music to enhance their learning experience. Classes place an emphasis on focus and implementing independent station work.

Beginner Classes

Age: 5 and up, Length: 1 hour

Boys and girls are taught introductory gymnastics skills that increase strength and flexibility. Your child will experience the joy that comes from mastering a new skill while improving coordination and core strength.

Intermediate Classes

Age: 7 and up, Length: 1 1/2 hour

Designed for children who have learned the basic skills in gymnastics. Student will continue to master these skills while learning new and more challenging skills through skill progression and drills.

Advanced Classes

Age: 9 and up, Length: 2 hours

Designed for students to learn more challenging skills during longer class periods. This class will also continue to focus on strength development and flexibility.

Ninja & Intermediate Ninja

Age: 5 and up, Ninja-Length: 1 hour, Intermediate Ninja-1 1/2 hours

Obstacle course training that focuses on strength, coordination, balance and fun. Students will also focus on jumping, climbing and rolling techniques. This class will utilize ninja style equipment including obstacle courses, rope and ninja steps.


Age: 7 and up, Length: 1 hour

Designed for the student that is interested in concentrating only on the Floor Exercise. Students will work on cartwheels, round-offs and back handsprings.

Advanced Tumbling

Age: 7 and up, Requirement: Back-handspring, Length: 1 hour

For the student that has mastered the back-handspring skill without a spot and the student is ready to advance to the higher-level tumbling skills.